Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, dear readers. I haven't been trying to be scarce lately. Our internet had been slowly dying since Saturday. It gasped its last yesterday afternoon. Dad brought home a new modem and installed it on his lunch break today. Yay for geek daddies. :)

Anyway. I am popping up to announce something I've been toying with for--oh, seven months? Since the Cobbler went on his two-month Facebook strike and I went through a brief phase of exploring other media. One of the new things was a Twitter account. After he got back on Facebook I took a five-month hiatus, but lately I have been slowly climbing on the Twitter bandwagon.

So, once I finish this post (provided the torrential downpour occuring outside my window doesn't knock out our shiny new internet connection) I will put a Twitter widget on my sidebar and you can keep up with me that way. I'm trying to make it semi-profound; no "I am going to eat lunch now!" kind of things. But it saves the blog itself from getting cluttered with two-sentence posts. Hopefully I'll have profound thoughts during the summer, when I'm not taking 2 theology classes and a Great Books seminar. Some of my tweets (that's what they're called, apparently) are post ideas; as I get more writing time I hope to go back and flesh out a bunch of them. Between Twitter and said posts, I hopefully will not disappear off the face of the blogosphere for weeks at a time again.

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Anonymous said...

So how is it that people who use Twitter aren't called twits? :)