Thursday, May 7, 2009


Let's see... I last posted on Friday. So many things I could post about that happened since then.

I spent Saturday morning studying, then took a nap, then went to the optional Lord's Day, then went to the last FoP of the semester. It was even a Eucharistic FoP, but I was in a place spiritually where there were no nice feelings. I'm still glad I went but I have no deep spiritual insights to impart.

Sunday I went to early Mass and then studied like a madwoman all day. Why is it, I wonder, that I study best on Sundays? It seems kind of backward, with the whole day-of-rest thing.

Monday I had three finals. That took up the whole day. (I went to Mass at 4:45, though.) Then the whole evening was taken up by having long serious conversations with Scott.

Tuesday I basically slept all day. Then I went to afternoon Mass again. Then I watched an old episode of NCIS (I have some serious catching up to do before next Tuesday; the one I watched was not the one that aired that day but rather one from January 6.) while I waited for Scott to get back from going to Mass with his family. Then we had more long serious conversations.

Wednesday I went to the early-morning Mass and then packed. Mom showed up around 1:00. We teased each other mercilessly (mother-daughter luv right there) while packing and loading. Then Morgan and I cleaned our room very thoroughly.

The three of us chatted a bit on the way home. At one point I was talking about how Scott is looking at degree programs at Local State School, and Mom says, "When I was going to Local State School..." She actually had a lot of interesting information to offer, but afterwards I said, "You know, Mom, it's kind of creepy that you've been to every school in the area." (She also went to a more northern branch of Local Community College, which Scott is currently attending.)

We got home, LP went crazy, Kitty tackled me, etc. Emily's dad came to pick up Morgan. (Don't ask. It's easier if you just pretend the three of us are all cousins or something; that's basically what we act like.) I called Scott to let him know that I got back safe and after I'd talked to the answering machine for a second he picked up and answered in, I think, Esperanto. Yes, my boyfriend is very weird. I love him. :)

Scott and I went from talking about our days to more serious topics (cont. from Monday and Tuesday) and I started talking really fast (it's hard to keep up with my brain; I tend to start tripping over my words after a few sentences of thinking-and-talking) and Scott can't listen that fast so we switched over to Skype and had a very brief serious conversation because Mom was sending me off to bed at that point.

At 6:00 a.m. LP came into my room ("Megan! Megan! Megan!") and climbed in my bed and was very sweet. Since then I've mostly been chasing her. Now I must finish up so I can get off the computer and chase her more if needed.

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