Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Enchanted 15: Time

Friend Jen has spent the last several weeks doing a series on the Enchanted 15 minutes. Being a slow sort of person, I've only just now resolved that come what may I am going to start being enchanted. So, today I present to you my timer.

I was going to follow Jen's advice and buy a special writing timer, but it's that sort of thinking that got me 4 weeks behind on this whole Enchanted 15 thing. Right now I am working on things being Good Enough because if I wait until they are perfect nothing will ever get done. (Also, I'm kind of short on discretionary funds at the moment.)

This phone has been my companion for a very long time. It has gotten dropped on concrete, repeatedly. It has gotten run through the washing machine at least once. It's gotten taken on water rides at theme parks without even a plastic baggie to keep it safe. It's only needed its battery replaced once and that was due to a defect in the battery, apparently, not to the abuse mentioned above. It's a good little phone, and it is in some ways itself an enchanted object (more on those sorts of things next week).

I've got the alarm tone programmed for something other than the tone the phone makes when it rings, and when I'm ready to write it will be ready to be set for 15 minutes and then sing merrily at me when they are over.


blog nerd said...

Right on. And write on, natch.

and if you publish what you write from the 15 be sure to post links over in the com box on Tuesdays!

(And good for you for not being a perfectionist on the timer--remember I said, don't let getting the timer hold you up!)

Galadriel said...

What is this Enchanted 15 you speak of?

The Sojourner said...

If you click on the word "timer" in the post, it'll take you to the first post in Blog Nerd's series on the topic.

Galadriel said...

Oh! Right. I didn't click it, 'cause I thought it would be a link to a timer. ^_^_^_^