Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Great Purge: Rounds 2 and 3

Today's assignment: Skirts and jumpers

Started with: 21 skirts, 4 jumpers

5 skirts in went in trash--one each of black and navy knit, and my three favorite denim skirts. :'( Of course, the fact that they're my favorites no doubt contributed to them wearing out.

11 skirts went back in closet--3 denim, 1 light blue knit, 2 navy knit, 2 black knit, 2 velvety black, 1 silky floral (the last three being for formal occasions only).

5 skirts went in goodwill pile: 1 denim, 1 light blue knit, 1 velvety black, 2 silky floral.

Round 2: Megan, 1; Clutter, o.

All 4 jumpers went back in the closet: 1 plain denim, 2 embroidered denim, 1 dusky-blue courdoroy. At the beginning of the day I was all set to get rid of them all (I haven't worn a jumper in at least a year) but when one is homeschooled for 8 years one gets rather fond of denim jumpers so I found myself unable to part with them. They all still fit! And three of them are so pretty! (The plain denim one loses something on the prettiness factor but gains on the "But it goes with everything!" factor.) It's really sad now that my cream-colored shirt got torn and had to be thrown away yesterday; it's one of the few things that went with the latter three jumpers. I am trying to resist the urge to buy a new cream shirt.

Round 3: Clutter, 1; Megan, 0.

Total Score to Date: Megan, 2; Clutter, 1.


Theocentrica said...

I never liked jumpers, myself... too hard to run or kick in. I'm afraid the factor that I choose my clothes (and shoes) by (after modesty, of course) is the thought that's pervaded my practicality for the past 10 years: "What if there was a copperhead?"

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

You should see if there's a not-really-needed shirt to trade for a new cream one, or else keep the cream in mind when another shirt gets to the point of being removed. And/or if relatives or your mother insist on pushing back the decluttering operation by buying you new clothes try to make it known that a cream shirt should be among them.