Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday night random

Have I ever mentioned, dear blog readers, that I am a mutant freak of nature?


Well, I am. See, neither of my parents are able to roll their tongues (nor can my sister), but I can. Both my high school biology textbook and my college physical anthropology professor claim that this is genetically impossible. (Dominant gene, yadda yadda yadda.)

If I hadn't gone to public school, I might never have realized I could. First of all, I grew up in a family full of non-tongue-rollers, so nobody ever tried to show me. Second, most adults just don't go around with their tongues rolled into little tubes. Then one day in second or third grade I was riding along in the bus minding my own business when one of the other kids asks, "Hey, can you roll your tongue?" I asked him what this strange phrase meant. He demonstrated. I tried it, and discovered that I could.

I haven't thought of my mutant status in more than a year--since that physical anthropology class--mainly due to the aforementioned tendency of adults not to go around asking about other people's tongue-rolling abilities. But for whatever reason this evening I thought it would be fun to show the Princess a new trick and so proceeded to do so. She laughed gleefully and stuck her tongue out in response. She couldn't figure out how to roll it (I love how her first reaction was "Megan, help!") but that might just be because she's two. If she still can't do it in a few years I'll just keep on being a solitary mutant. (Until I have kids. >:) )

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