Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're not going to tell her this is a chore

The Little Princess likes to help vacuum. Normally this help consists of sitting on the cannister and riding around. Today, though, she is actually grabbing the handle and scurrying around the downstairs with it, happily proclaiming "I get dirt!" (Yes, the vacuum is actually on.)

Mom tried to take it away from her at one point, causing her to indignantly yell "MY TURN!!"


Theocentrica said...

On my brother Johnny's third birthday, we all went out to eat together and then to the park, and afterwards we stopped at the mall to get a new vacuum cleaner, since we were right there anyway and our old one was broken... so Johnny thought it was his birthday present, and he loved it dearly.
Josh was the same way at that age, but only because he liked machines... he was a vacuum cleaner for hallowe'en, once. He basically had a box with a slinky covered in an old pair of nylons for the hose. It was quite impressive.

(I suppose being Charles Lindbergh's airplane for hallowe'en wasn't much better, so I shouldn't be talking. I never did like princesses, much, unless they were saints, too.)

Connie's Daughter said...

I hope it lasts! Sadly, sometimes as kids get older and more proficient, the glamour of doing chores wears thin.