Monday, July 13, 2009

Children's TV is Stupid, Part 2

(Part 1 can be found here.)

Just now LP was watching TV and a show came on that I'd never seen before (I guess she doesn't usually watch TV at 4:30.) The premise of the show is vocabulary-building--there were about 2 or 3 words that the main character repeated in various contexts throughout the 15-minute show.

Not bad so far. I can get behind that premise.

Things start breaking down after that. You see, the heroine's nemesis is this boy who builds robots. Admittedly his robots do seem to turn evil sometimes, but even if he is kind of unfriendly I personally side with him. You'd be a bit cranky too if your hobbies caused you to be mocked and ostracized by the "good" characters.

In the episode I just watched, the kids were all going off to summer camp. The robot-building "evil genius" was dropped off by his mother, who stated very firmly that he was being forced to go to this camp because she hoped it'd break him of his robot-building habits. (Lady: Your middle-schooler is building robots. Does the prodigious coolness of that totally go over your head?)

The "evil genius" disobeys his mother (okay, that's one point against him...) and has his robot build him a cabin, which he stays in for the remainder of the weekend while everybody else is in flimsy tents. I left the room after the "heroine" started lecturing him that the idea of camping is to make you independent, which means thinking and acting on your own.

People. Does anyone PROOFREAD these scripts? You tell me how designing and building your own robot before you're old enough to shave doesn't count as thinking and acting on your own. You tell me how keeping your mouth shut and meekly doing whatever everybody else is doing is by any stretch of the imagination thinking and acting on your own.

I really hate children's television.

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