Monday, July 6, 2009

How to make a 2-year-old's day

Two weeks ago Saturday, my whole family went down to Scott's family's house to join them in a barbeque. The Little Princess spent most of her time chasing the dog all around the house. In the sixteen days since, she has talked about petting that dog at least once a day (often several times per day). Sometimes for variety she'll throw in "'Cott's house!", "I see 'Cott!", or her version of the name of one of his brothers.

(We taught her that brother's name because she kept calling him "'Cott." [In her defense, they look quite a bit alike.] I should see if I can round up good pictures of all the siblings so she knows their names next time.)

Mom suggested that I see if she can identify a picture of the dog, so today I got on Facebook and found a picture of the dog that I happened to take last summer. Then I printed it off and presented it to LP. (The printer only does black and white, but the dog is black and white anyway so all was well.) Sure enough, LP correctly identified the dog and then carried the picture around babbling happily about "'Cott's house!", etc.

Now she's napping with the picture on her pillow.