Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It makes you forget all the whining

Three stories from yesterday:

In the morning, Miss Kitty had someplace to be. Before she left, LP climbed up on the couch to say goodbye. She gave Kitty a big, snuggly hug.

"I love you, Princess," Kitty said.

"I wuv oo, Eda*," LP replied.


Right after Dad got home from work, LP took off out the open garage door and he followed her. A few minutes later they came back in. LP ran up to me, grabbed my finger, and said, "Go see beans." So I allowed myself to be tugged out to the garden, where LP crowed happily over the beanpods that are starting to sprout on our green bean plants. Then she snatched an almost-ripe tomato off the nearby tomato plants and raced inside to show Mom.


As we were getting dinner on the table, she sang "Happy birthday" to everyone she could think of. "Happy bir-tay to you, happy bir-tay to you!" and then a name. "Eda", "'Cott", Scott's family's dog, "'Cott's house"--it was everybody and everything's birthday yesterday.

(It really is Kitty's birthday on Saturday, which is why LP's had birthdays on her mind lately.)

*LP's approximation of Kitty's real name.

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