Thursday, July 9, 2009

There are worse reputations

The scene: During a three-way conversation with Emily and Scott, Em mentioned the possibility of taking a little detour to pick up Scott the next time she visits her family in the Polis.

[Note: Em and Scott have their names in Latin; I did too for a while but switched it back. Mine was Margarita.]

[7/8/2009 8:59:34 PM] Aemilia: And you, Miss Megan, ought to try to see me too when I'm down there :)
[7/8/2009 8:59:36 PM] Aemilia: I misses you
[7/8/2009 8:59:39 PM] Aemilia: !!!

[7/8/2009 8:59:41 PM] Megan: Of course!!
[7/8/2009 8:59:58 PM] Megan: I am not going to be all, "Hey, thanks for bringing my boyfriend, have a nice weekend."

[7/8/2009 9:00:07 PM] Aemilia: Lol
[7/8/2009 9:00:08 PM] Aemilia: I'd hope not

[7/8/2009 9:00:12 PM] Megan: I'm going to be all, "Come in! We have cookies!"

[7/8/2009 9:00:14 PM] Vagus Adversor: Heh heh.

[7/8/2009 9:00:20 PM] Aemilia: Okay, I'm in!

[7/8/2009 9:00:24 PM] Megan: Well, the cookies will be gone by then.
[7/8/2009 9:00:27 PM] Megan: But we can make more.

[7/8/2009 9:00:27 PM] Aemilia: Man, now I want cookies

[7/8/2009 9:00:34 PM] Vagus Adversor: XDD
[7/8/2009 9:00:41 PM] Vagus Adversor: Cookies? Gone? In your house?

[7/8/2009 9:00:55 PM] Aemilia: I might have to go buy some cookie dough tonight

[7/8/2009 9:01:05 PM] Megan: Whatever do you mean by that, my love?

[7/8/2009 9:01:26 PM] Vagus Adversor: You just make more whenever that happens, I thought.

[7/8/2009 9:01:38 PM] Megan: Not always.
[7/8/2009 9:01:43 PM] Megan: We had to make pudding the other day.
[7/8/2009 9:01:46 PM] Megan: It was a terrible trial.

[7/8/2009 9:01:53 PM] Aemilia: That is sad

[7/8/2009 9:02:01 PM] Megan: (We were out of flour, oddly enough.)

[7/8/2009 9:02:14 PM] Aemilia: I don't think I've ever been over to your house before when there weren't cookies around in some way, shape, or form

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Em said...

The continuation of this is that when I got off the computer, I went into our living room and proceeded to relate the conversation to my new housemate. She likewise agreed that you could definitely have a worse repuation than "the family that always has cookies". ;)

Oh, and I did go buy some cookie dough too. :D