Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WARNING: This is a post about potty-training

Lately, the Princess has (at 2 years and 9 months of age) decided that diapers are Not Cool. Now, this does mean that she actually goes in the potty occasionally, which is a good thing. However, it also means that her reaction to waking up with a wet/dirty diaper is to tear off the diaper, toss it aside, and go finish her business in the potty chair in her room. Then, being the tidy little thing that she is, she decides that she should take the little cup insert thingy and empty it. Into the base of the potty chair. Which means that basically every day after naptime (and sometimes a couple of other times around bedtime/waking up) the big people of the house have to find the used diaper that she flung somewhere, clean up any messes on the floor, and hose down the potty chair. Oh, and catch the half-naked toddler and put a new diaper on her.

Today Mom took care of cleanup while I took care of toddler-wrangling. Princess was up on the top bunk (there are bunkbeds in her room, and she learned to climb them a few months ago) and happily chirped, "Megan! Cyimb yadder!"

I grabbed a diaper and wipes and obediently climbed the ladder. As I am attending to the Princess, she grins and says, "I get candy."

And of course she does.


Mom, afterwards: "I know in three months you'll be using the potty like a good girl and I won't remember any of this..."

Me: "You'll remember it, because I'm going to blog it."

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