Monday, August 10, 2009

The Next Thing

Earlier today I was at Mass with two of my household sisters at one's home parish before the other two of us set out on the last legs home. (We had all three been at another sister's wedding.) The pastor gave a lovely homily on St. Lawrence and love of the poor, and I found myself suddenly caught up in longing to live in a shack somewhere and own nothing and use every talent I have to give to the poor.

Then I got home and I read two posts. The first was about daughters becoming Sisters--and the beauty of it grabbed me. How can you not feel a little longing to read of someone becoming a bride of Christ?

But I had also read a post about Duty Before Happiness, which linked to a post at Conversion Diary about Duty Before Holiness.

And so I started writing this post, and then got stuck because I didn't know where to go. I didn't know where these two ideas connected to make something that made sense.

Then the Cobbler mentioned a particular aspiration he has (which I won't detail because one does not share one's beloved's dreams on the internet) and I realized: nothing is ever ordinary. Nothing is every really small.

You start out feeding one starving person and you end up with your name known the world over. Because you simply did the next thing--fed one starving person after another. You start out with the slowly-dawning realization that you might just be in love with that geeky boy who can always make you laugh, and you go on to get the dawning realization that your life will never be boring, and that you might just end up accidentally doing something extraordinary because you followed, step-by-step, the path God laid out for you.

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