Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Recently, the Little Princess has assimilated the concept of "friends." Last week she was trying to get me to do something for her, so she patted my arm and said sweetly, "We're friends." Yes, we are, and you're very cute, but you're perfectly capable of walking downstairs yourself.

Then yesterday after dinner she said "We're friends!" to Miss Kitty several times (with no apparent ulterior motive). After successfully pronouncing Kitty's real name for the first time ever. (It's not even that complicated a name; LP must have been intimidated by three syllables or something.) Banner day for Princess-Kitty relations.

Today, LP and Dad were playing with magnetic letters on the front door, when she clocked him good with her elbow and promptly chirped, "We're friends!" Apparently true friends let you wallop them upside the head.

(Mom hasn't been dubbed a friend yet. For the time being, moms are just moms, I guess.)

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