Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GVR: All Little Princess, all the time

LP: "I eating bawwies!"

[I eat some imaginary berries too, and then some carrots.]

LP: "Chicken nuggets!"

Me: "You have chicken nuggets on your farm too?"

LP [knowingly]: "No, dey in da caw."


Background: LP is going to be baptized on December 27. About a week ago, Mom helped her try on her baptism dress (which is actually an itty-bitty First Communion dress), and LP promptly asked for her magic wand.
Back to today:

Mom: "We're going to have to get her a baptism book or video or something."

Me: "[Princess], can you say 'I love Jesus'?"

LP: "I wuv oo, Zhezus!!"

Me: "Can you say, 'I hate the Devil'?"

LP: "I hate da Debul."

Me: "There, she knows everything she needs to know."


Me: "Should I be teaching her to say that?"


Intermission: American Catholicism at its finest

Mom: "Okay, let's pray. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit--DID WE GET OUR MILKSHAKE?!"


LP belches.

LP: "Excuse me!"

Me: "You're excused."

LP [giggles]: "I have bubbles in my mouf."


LP is chomping down on my finger, so I use my free hand to smack her in the knee, thus surprising her into letting go.

Me: "Ow. I think you need to say you're sorry."

LP [indignant]: "Stop hitting my knee."

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