Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My sister is the cutest thing ever

Over Thanksgiving:

Scott: "Can you read?"
LP: "Um...not yet."

Me: "She wants you to sing "Row Row Row Your Boat.""
Scott: "Row row [changing his mind] Pilot pilot pilot your craft [...] Existence is but an illusion."
LP: "You an illusion."

LP: “Hot moon!”
Me: “Hot moon?”
Dad: “Yeah, the moon is hot.”
LP: “Don’t touch it!”
Me: “I won’t, I promise.”
Scott: “Why is the moon hot?”
LP: “It’s warm now.”

I'm sure I'm forgetting things; other people can feel free to comment and remind me.

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Becky D. said...

I found it cute when the poor thing got the D family cousins confused with the M cousins. Having two cousins named Kayla and some named Ellie and Elijah is unusual. I don't think little Elijah liked being called Ellie though.