Thursday, December 17, 2009


About a year and a half ago [EDIT: Actually, almost two years ago. Time sure flies.] I wrote a post for my other blog about waiting. (Sometime I will repost it here.) At the time I was in a rare little breathing-space, when I felt clearly that God would lead me where I needed to go when I needed to be there. That clarity ended up leading me to my relationship with the Cobbler. It'd be wrong to say that there was no peace after that--there was a lot of peace. But the tranquil waiting was over. I felt like I had found what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and the only thing left was to set about doing it.


Let's just say that knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life doesn't mean the rest of your life gets to start right then. And for probably the last several months that's been really bothering me. This is a perennial problem of mine...I like clear directions. I like maps. Spiritually speaking, I am one of the worst backseat drivers ever and God probably wants to say, "Look, we'll get there when we get there!"

The Cobbler is really good at breaking me of the habit of demanding timelines. He just doesn't operate on timelines. So I have had to learn that the world won't end if you don't have a Grand Master Plan for everything. Things get done, one way or the other. If they don't--well, sometimes you can't do everything. (You have no idea, dear readers, how long it's taken me to disabuse myself of this notion.) Now, this attitude certainly can be taken too far, but it'd be up to the Cobbler to write a post about how my obsessively organized tendencies have helped him, if they have. (Any usefulness might have gotten lost in all the nagging. That's my biggest relationship flaw right there.)

All that is a very long way of saying that right now when I ask God what He wants me to do next all He says is, "Wait." It's something I heard before and I fought it mightily, but in that situation waiting ended up getting me something wonderful. So I'm trying, right now, to wait on God's timing.


wisewit said...

Well, if he is, as you would say, a cobbler, then do not be out with him, but if you be out with him then, perhaps, he can mend you. . . .


Seriously, if you know your flaws, they're much less likely to be a serious problem. It's the ones you don't know about yet that often cause the biggest problem. . . . Anyway, he sounds pretty good, but I am not the voice of God in your life. :)


The Sojourner said...


Yeah, he's a keeper. And a mender of souls. :)

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Yay! Fellow Shakespeare Referencer!