Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am an incorrigible morning person

This semester, Tuesdays are my most open days, schedule-wise, which means I basically do half my homework for the week on Tuesdays.

Yesterday, as you might have noticed, was a Tuesday. I went to Mass and breakfast with my household sisters, and then sat down to do homework. And worked steadily for about 3 hours straight. Then I talked to Scott, because he was lonely. Then I ate lunch. Then the clock struck noon, and I immediately melted into a lazy blob.

I did manage to finish my homework for the day, thanks in part to a study date with several household sisters, but the afternoon and evening were an uphill battle against lying down in my bed and taking a nap. (I have my only class of the day at 2:15, and let me tell you that's the only reason I didn't go nap the afternoon away.)

And no, I wasn't just generally sleep-deprived. (Well, I kinda was, but that's not the reason for my sloth attack.) Last week I was also generally sleep-deprived so I napped for 2 hours Tuesday morning. You'd think I would have leapt out of bed ready to tackle the homework, but noooo. I had to force myself to do schoolwork all afternoon and evening.

The moral of this story is that if you are me, do not take morning naps.

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