Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blunt force trauma is complicated by glasses

My big adventure of the day happened when the Little Man threw a box lid (plastic, about 6" by 9") at my face. You know how head wounds bleed like crazy? Well, half-inch cuts on the bridge of one's nose do the same thing. Basically, the box lid by itself wouldn't have been enough to do much more than annoy me, but he threw it just right that it pushed my glasses into my face--and metal is tougher than thin Irish skin. (I sat around with a cold washcloth for a few minutes and was fine. He got a time-out.)

It reminds me of a time when I was 13 or 14 (there's a really narrow window between when I got glasses and when we moved out of the house in which this happened) and my sister and I were annoying each other, as we often did. I shoved her, she punched me in the face. Now, it was no doubt as girly a punch as any 16-year-old girl has thrown, but she hit me just right to a) pop a lens out of my glasses, and b) give me a lovely black eye. I derived a lot of satisfaction from how much trouble she got in for that one, considering that I was hardly even hurt.

In short: Wearing glasses can be a dangerous occupation. :)

(Maybe the moral of this story should be to not hit partially Irish people because they bleed and bruise all out of proportion to the gravity of their injury.)


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

How does this square with the alleged popularity of boxing among the Irish? I was just rereading it and suddenly thought to wonder...

The Sojourner said...

Maybe they don't wear glasses when they box.