Sunday, August 15, 2010

The deep breath before the plunge

My excuse for not blogging since Wednesday: Dad managed to fix the car (YAY! Computer geeks rule!), so I went to visit Scott.

Random snippets:

Sahara is the best movie you've never seen. Go see it now.

Public thanks to Mr. Cobbler, who lost Musical Beds and ended up sleeping on an air mattress, which was very chivalrous of him.

(My mom says that next time Scott should be the one who has to sleep on an air mattress, considering I'm his girlfriend.)

I love my boyfriend.

I lost the one game of Worms we played. The shame. But that was before we watched Sahara, so I got cheered up.

Now to survive until Halloween, which is the next time Scott and I will be within 100 miles of each other. *SIGH* Less than 9 months now until I graduate...

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