Saturday, August 7, 2010

Facts about water recreation

-I like myself-in-a-swimsuit better now than I did 10 pounds ago. Totally vain reason to keep the weight loss plan going.

("What weight loss plan?" those of you who care ask. If you do care, I'll probably post something on food and whatnot soon. If you don't care, I'll probably post anyway.)

-I was going to link to a picture of my swimsuit (worn by a model no doubt much skinnier than I), but Land's End doesn't seem to carry it anymore. So, just fyi: I have a high-necked tank top with...well, not really spaghetti straps. More like fettuccine straps. And then I have that little skirt thing. Because I am modest, and also shy. (Even when I think I look good in the swimsuit.)

-Teresa can touch bottom in my uncle's pool now. This surprised everyone, Teresa most of all. It shouldn't have surprised those of us who can do math, since the pool is 39 inches deep and she is 42 inches tall. (Yes, she is a monster 3-year-old. She could knock down the average 5-year-old and sit on him.)

-Hot tubs are wonderful. I did not know this for almost 20 years, because I only knew about hotel hot tubs, which are all about 5000 degrees. Then last year I dipped my toes in my uncle's hot tub, and realized that hot tubs do not have to be 5000 degrees. So this year I basically lived in there. 90 degrees of absolute bliss, oh yes.

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