Friday, August 20, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Kids are cute edition

1. The Princess had pigtails in for about three minutes this morning. Her explanation: "I want two, like a big girl." I have no idea; none of us big girls ever wear two.

Then she pulled them out. "I'm [full name] again."

2. How to make a seven-year-old girl excited: Score her a "new" bike at a garage sale. It's purple and has Disney princesses on it.

3. How to make a two-year-old boy excited: Buy him a remote-control dump truck. (At the same garage sale.)

4. How to make a two-year-old boy REALLY excited: Show him how to put blocks in his remote-control dump truck and dump them out.

5. Lest you think we're hung up on gender-based stereotypes 'round here, this boy also loves playing "Bahbies" with the girls.

6. Princess and Little Man are thick as thieves already. They like to make up games together. Most of them involve semi-dangerous things like jumping off their little picnic table. We officially discourage those. A game we let them play involves them army-crawling under each other's legs. Watching them happily say "Your turn...Okay, my turn!" is adorable.

7. Princess was teaching Little Man how to play Ring Around The Rosy this morning. There are no words in the English language to describe how cute that was.

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