Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Things I Have Read Edition

1. In May I went to a conference and got an advance copy of Regina Doman's Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Cybertheives. Since this is a quick take, all I'll say is: READ THIS BOOK. It is made of solid, gold-plated awesome.

2. A Severe Mercy was recommended on a lot of blogs all at once, and when I see a title pop up constantly like that I consider it a book recommendation from God. It was good. Not what I had expected (the opening got me ready for another Brideshead Revisited) but very good. Of course, any book in which C. S. Lewis appears as a "character" is made of solid awesome in my opinion. I've been a Lewis fangirl for about 10 years now and have no intention of quitting. :)

[I read both of these on the plane rides surrounding my visit to Mari.]

3. This article, about parenthood and loving somebody with a seizure disorder and what happiness really means, was...beyond words. I posted it on Facebook with the comment, "There are no words to add to this..." Apparently I needed to give it a warning label as well, because my mom said she cried and my dad said it kept him up half the night.


Yeah. Someday I will be eloquent enough to write in my own words what it means to love somebody with a seizure disorder (and even though I am not her parent, it is indeed that fierce primal love that would kill ten men and Satan if that was allowed) and discover what happiness really means, but for now...I'll point and say, "Yeah, what she said."

4. On a completely different note, this was hilariously funny while making a point about...well, about truth being stranger than fiction, in a way.

I posted that one on Facebook too, and my dad asked if I had seen it on his page, and I said no. So then he explained to me that he had in fact posted it, and that he had gotten it from his brother, who had posted it a week or two before.

The moral of that story is that I should pay a little more attention to the articles my relatives post on Facebook.

(For the record, I am Facebook friends with my parents, Scott's parents, and most of my aunts and uncles.)

5. This article made my life. Just read it.

6. This whole blog made my life.

7. This isn't something I've read (yet), but it arrived from Amazon a little while ago and I just opened the box (or rather, the Princess did, because she couldn't believe I had an unopened package just sitting there in my room). I was promptly floored by the awesomeness that is owning this book for my very own. Therefore, I had to include it in my Quick Takes.


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