Friday, September 10, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Font of randomness edition

1. The Bunny is very curious about this whole Catholicism thing, which means that saying grace before meals gets you peppered with a dozen questions. Mass is like defending your doctoral dissertation (not that I know what that's like). So when Mom told me they had cake for Mary's birthday Wednesday I expected to hear an account of 700 questions of why we celebrate Mary's birthday.

Nope. Apparently the Bunny doesn't need a deep catechetical reason to eat cake.

2. I am writing this post as a way of taking a break from writing an essay on how Kant arrives at his Copernican turn and what implications that has for modern thought. I know you're jealous.

3. Mari introduced me to The Spanish Inquisition. Once you watch that, go look at her blogger profile and tell me if you notice something interesting.

4. As I've mentioned before, Mari is helping me edit my novel. She is amused by the fact that my characters eat all the time. So I went through The New Novel and realized that my characters eat or drink (cognac, tea, that sort of drinking) 9 times in the first 10,000 words.

I tried doing a similar count for The Novel and gave up when I hit 10 or 11 in the first three chapters.

Everybody needs to eat, right?

5. Something I do not understand: Wearing a button-down shirt and NOT BUTTONING IT. Or rather, buttoning two or three buttons in the middle, right under one's bosom (if one is female, and the only people I've seen doing this are adult women). Sometimes there's a tank top underneath. Sometimes there's not, in which case the woman in question just buttons from the bosom down, leaving the top 3 or 4 feeling bored and purposeless.

Here's the thing: I'm a heterosexual woman, and I don't want to see everything down to your bra. I don't think a lot of men want to see it either. Or they do, and you should definitely button your shirt so that if they're going to ogle they at least have to use their imagination a bit.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.

6. I am not sure what I think of this. I certainly tell the Princess she's beautiful all the time; I've taught the Little Man to say "Iya hassum boy." But the Princess is only 3, so it remains to be seen whether she'll grow up anorexic or something. (Or grow up to be one of those people who can't button her shirt properly.)

7. Did you know it is possible to tickle someone over Skype? I did not know this until I started conversing with the Princess; I discovered recently that it works on the Little Man as well. 2-year-olds are fantastic. :)

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