Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assorted bits and pieces

I would make this seven quick takes, but today is Saturday, so I'll just do bullet points.

- All the littles are VERY excited to have me home.

- Yet the second thing out of Teresa's mouth (after "I love you so much!") was "Where's Scott?"

- We're going to the "acwawum" tomorrow and picking up Scott on the way. I am at least as excited as Teresa. :)

- I hated War and Peace (after reading it under compulsion for Honors) so much that I was terrified to crack open The Brothers Karamazov. I'd read BK 4 years ago upon the recommendation of the lovely and brilliant Emily, who was a college freshman just out of a Russian lit class, and LOVED it, but maybe I've just lost my love for Russian literature somewhere along the way these last 4 years.

- Nope. 7 pages in, and I'm enamored all over again. If I had a Dostoyevsky fangirl t-shirt, I'd don it now.

- My mom wants me to make myself a birthday list. (I should put "Dostoyevsky fangirl t-shirt" on there). I was stumped on the "Things That Are Not Books" category until one of my friends suggested that I ask for household goods so that when I move out after graduation I will have that sort of stuff. So now I have fun things like "sharp knives" on my birthday list. :)

- I have a shiny new horizontal driver's license. The horizontal part is noteworthy because in Ohio they differentiate under-21 drivers and over-21 drivers by having their licenses oriented vertically and horizontally respectively. (I love that I just used three adverbs in four words, by the way.)

- While I was out I voted via absentee ballot.

- During the car drive yesterday, Mom and I entertained ourselves by figuring out how I can eat for $90 a month. It is entirely possible, though things like bacon and chocolate are going to become luxuries for me. Maybe that's a good thing.

- I do not weigh the same as I did when I was 16, but the DMV lady didn't really ask so I didn't really tell.

- It occurred to me that the next time I go to the DMV will probably be due to a name change, not a birthday. :)

- My big sister loves me. She came along with Mom yesterday, and so we're all driving back and we stop for dinner and I forget to tell the fast-food people that I want my fish sandwich PLAIN. So I get a sandwich that's drowning in tartar sauce, and just about had a nervous breakdown in the car until Kitty offered to trade her popcorn shrimp for my fish sandwich. All was then right with the world.

- She also let me use one of her pillows when it came to light at 11 p.m. that I had none and she had two.

- Sometime I should write a post about my weird food aversions. Normally I can take things like "there's SAUCE on my SANDWICH" in stride, but then there are those days when we're in the car and I'm exhausted and starving and I JUST WANT FOOD I CAN EAT. My heart bleeds for people with actual food allergies.

- I said "My heart bleeds for you" to Mom a lot yesterday, but it was about things like "I told Kitty to give everyone 1 piece of candy and she probably could have given them 2, because we have a lot left."

- Whoever is in charge of such things in the Polis stupidly scheduled Trick-or-Treat for Thursday, which is unspeakably bizarre given that Halloween is Sunday, and very upsetting for me because I like taking the Princess Trick-or-Treating.

- Then again, now I don't have to worry about eating all the candy before Trick-or-Treat. Your heart bleeds for me, doesn't it?

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Mmmmmmm, tartar sauce... (It's not something I'd put on most foods, but the foods it goes with it is gooooood.)

You never did post about the acwawum.