Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A belated tribute to my guardian angel

MOM: Do not read this post. Love, Megan.

Inspired by Philangelus, I decided to post the story of the car wreck last year, which I don't believe I ever mentioned on this blog--by the time I stopped feeling all post-traumatic stressed about it, I was on my big long blogging break.

Anyway. The wreck happened on August 23, 2009; this account was written to some friends on September 16, 2009. (For those of you who don't already know who Morgan is, she's a friend who used to go back and forth with me sometimes. She's since graduated.)

So, the last time I posted (on the prayer request forum) I asked for safe travels back to school.

Thanks for the prayers, first off. I obviously needed them, since about halfway back to school a semi driver decided to change lanes and didn't notice that the van was already in that spot. (Or maybe he thought he could defy the laws of physics or something.)

The laws of physics being what they are, we smashed into a bank and then flipped over (maybe twice, I don't remember). And my second thought (after "Is everybody okay?") was, "We're going to be late, aren't we?"

By then an off-duty EMT from Noblesville, Indiana, had come to our rescue. He was in central Ohio with his little EMT truck because he was on his way to training in Wheeling. (I could not make this stuff up, people.) After we had gotten out and brushed ourselves off, another random stranger asked where we were going. When he heard that we were going to Steubenville, he offered to take us because he was going to Pittsburgh. Since he was a random stranger, we politely declined.

A few minutes later Morgan's cell phone rang. It was her friend Julie, who just happened to be driving by on her own way to school and wanted to ask, "Morgan, why are you standing by the side of the road? Did you see that van? I feel sorry for *those* people!"

Once Morgan explained that she *was* one of those people, Julie had her dad turn around and come fetch us. A couple hours later we made it into Steubenville with a couple of bags each. Before the check-in deadline, even.

Oh, and this all happened a few miles from my grandma's house, so the EMT gave Mom a ride over there, and all our other stuff ended up in Grandma's garage. The next day Dad went and got all of it and brought it to Steubenville for us.

Morgan and I were both a little sore but perfectly fine within a few days. Mom had a pulled muscle in her shoulder and some epic bruises, but she's doing much better now. (3 weeks later.) The only real casualty was Morgan's Bruce Lee poster. (And poor Leslie the Minivan, of course.)

And that's how I got to school in one piece.

And here are some pictures of the van (with the plates edited out in Paint):


Becky D. said...

Megan you forgot to mention how a rosary and a holy card of ours were the only things ejected in the crash. Who was that saint again?

The Sojourner said...

First off, didn't I tell you not to read this? What happened to being all traumatized? :)

Second, don't you remember Morgan's volleyball bouncing off down the road? A bunch of other stuff fell out too, the way I remember it.

Third, the saint was Camillus de Lellis, the patron against bodily ills and sickness, and for hospitals, hospital workers, and sick people.

DavidD said...

You forgot the "Dad and my sisters went and got Mom at Grandma's and took her home." part before the "The next day Dad went..." part....