Sunday, October 31, 2010

I made my characters take the MBTI

(There might be a post about the acwawum soon, but right now there's this.)

Main Male Character #1 came out as INTJ.

Main Male Character #2 came out as ENFP.

Main Female Character came out as ESTJ.

Secondary Female Character came out as ISFJ.

I really think MMC1 is actually INTP, though. He is a very organized person, but he tells me that that's out of necessity. If he doesn't leave himself time to arrive at appointments really early or if he doesn't make a schedule for his workday, life instantly descends into Chaos and he can't get anything done. But he has never really been a "Ten-Year Plan" kind of guy. For instance, he has a thing for SFC, but he thinks that pursing her would be a bad idea for reasons I won't go into here. When he becomes convinced that it is actually a good idea, he basically shows up one day and says "Hi, I love you, will you marry me?" And SFC, being a J, will probably flip out a little bit, but I'm not sure because I haven't rewritten that part yet.

Him being an INTP would also explain why I'm secretly in love with him (only not so secretly, because Mari could tell and now I'm telling all of you), because the one time I forced Scott to take the MBTI he came out as an INTP.

(I'm INTJ.)

Also, MMC2 and MFC are dating and will marry before the book is out. They have the most hilariously interesting relationship. (MMC2 can actually take very good care of himself, because he's both brilliant and street smart, but MFC entirely disapproves of his flying-by-the-seat-of-his-pants methods. Yet she loves him anyway, for reasons she hasn't told me yet.)

(Oh, MFC and SFC are twin sisters, in case you're curious.)

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