Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phones are socially awkward

Last night I decided after night class that I missed Scott. So I called his house, and conversed briefly with Eldest Younger Brother, who informed me that Scott had stayed late at school and would be back in about a half-hour. I asked him to relay the fact that I had called and then hung up.

That in itself is not worth a blog post; I don't call Scott's house often but I do it often enough.

I just felt it necessary to note that even after having dated Scott 2 1/2 years, talked to him on the phone probably hundreds of times, and talked to EYB on the phone at least a few dozen times (this conversation was pretty typical), I still can't totally tell them apart on the phone. I haven't been wrong in a long, long time, but there's still that moment of, "I am going to address you as if you are EYB even though I'm only about 70% sure you are." The hesitation is noticeable enough in my voice that when I got off the phone and said, "[EYB] and Scott sound SO much alike!" my roommate said something to the effect of, "Oh, that's what it was. Because when you asked for Scott you sounded like you weren't totally sure you weren't already talking to Scott."

If there was a point to this post, it would be in this paragraph. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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