Friday, October 1, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Life, death, and cookies edition

1. September is starting to depress me. Last year, my grandfather died, his brother (my great-uncle) died, and Vivian died. This year Fr. Lee died. I'm kind of glad September is over now.

2. Then again, I also got a new second cousin this September, which in this case means that my great-aunt got to think about her first grandchild instead of thinking about the anniversaries of her brothers' deaths. Thanks to the wonder of Facebook, I get to see pictures of baby C. He is ridiculously adorable.

3. It was my dad's birthday this past Sunday, and I Skyped into the party. I got to sing Happy Birthday and watch him blow out candles, and it was almost as good as being there.

4. Two days later, I got a package from my mother that included mint chocolate chip cookies, so I was no longer sad about not getting any cake. My roommate and I are making quick work of them.

5. Completely random note: I could be in DAR if I wanted to. I was reminded of that because I'm related to baby C. through my mother, whose extended family I know primarily because we've all lived in Ohio since the 1790s and so we're concentrated enough to actually have family reunions. (There is a certain ideal level of scatter for family reunions...too little and you see each other all the time anyway; too much and nobody wants to buy a plane ticket to eat hamburgers with people they only see every two or three years.)

6. Going back to the subject of baby sister is going to be FOUR soon. When did that happen and how do I make it stop?

7. In Liturgy the other day, we were talking about blessed objects, and one student asked how to dispose of them. Father replied that they should be buried. The student said, "But what if you have your car blessed?" Father grinned impishly and replied, "Then you bury the car. Get a bulldozer and RRRRRRR."

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Kassie @ secret Vatican spy said...

Found got blog from Conversion Diary. A) can your mom like...share the recipe for MCC cookies please? B) one of y sisters just turned SEVENTEEN. And my baby sister just turned six. I'm having an existential crisis.

The Sojourner said...

I don't have siblings near me on the younger side (if that makes any sense), but a lot of my friends do, and my refrain through this past year was, "All the INFANTS are turning 18!" It's kind of freaky.

Also, I will see about the cookie recipe.

Becky D. said...

-Andes Mint Chips (these are available from our Super Walmart you could break up Andes candy)
-Our family classic chocolate chip recipe from 80's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (it has shortening in it and butter)
- I will see if Megan can post the full recipe
-Do not use the recipe on the back of the Andes bag. We found it very dry.