Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: The Little Princess Edition

1. The Princess is turning FOUR on Tuesday. Nobody gave her permission to get that old, but there she goes doing it anyway.

2. Today is her name day.

3. She is enamored of our pastor, who is a gentle giant (about 6 1/2 feet tall and built like a linebacker) and absolutely loves kids. One day this summer she saw him in his clericals (you know, the black pants and shirt with the collar) and refused to say hi. Apparently a giant man in black is a lot scarier than a giant man in billowing vestments. Who'd've thunk it?

4. During the Corpus Christi procession way back in June, Teresa absolutely insisted that Emily carry her the entire time. Many of my blog readers know Emily in person, but to those of you who don't--she's about 5'3" and pretty slenderly built, while Teresa weighs about 45 pounds. So it was kind of taxing. But Emily put up with it cheerfully the whole time we walked around the square.

5. Teresa spent the rest of the summer talking about how she wanted to go to the pool with Emily.

6. She also spent most of the summer saying she wanted a baby for her birthday. Apparently the Little Man is young enough to suit her, because as far as I know she hasn't asked again since he arrived.

7. She still had a long enough list of requests, so Mom pulled together a princess-themed birthday, and I'll be Skyping in on Sunday afternoon. I am eagerly anticipating it. :)

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