Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who would YOU date? [*Language alert*]

My friend Michael A. says on Facebook: "I don't get that one like that keeps floating around about how a tall guy with a short girl is cute, but a short guy with a tall girl is awkward. Isn't that sexist and weird?"

Peter J. replies:

Yeah it pisses me off too (for obvious reasons, maybe..haha).

It is pretty sexist--in my experience, a lot of guys find it emasculating to be shorter than their girlfriend. I think that displays a tragic insecurity in their own masculinity.... As a short man, I don't find it to be emasculating at all. I don't think the fact that a girl can reach higher up than me makes me less of a man, nor do I feel that my masculinity is dependent upon my being any taller than anyone, man or woman. If I can't reach a book on the top shelf, that says absolutely nothing about my manhood. In fact, it says a lot about the lack of manhood in the taller guys who mock.
Admittedly, there may be some primal need to be protected that a woman feels, and so she goes for the bigger, taller man. Again, in my experience the physical size of the man doesn't protect a woman nearly as well as his integrity or character. I've protected women in the past, and you know how tiny I am. The bigger guys who can 'get all the girls' tend to take advantage of their physically dominating traits and throw their weight around to prove that they're the alpha male. In reality, little ol' me has made guys three times my size back off when they're making a woman feel uncomfortable. Protecting a woman is about confidence and chivalry more than height and brute strength.

So, superficial America, you tell me what's better: a tall, musclebound douchebag or a guy of any size who actually cares about the girl he's with?

/rant. Clearly this has all occurred to me before. ;)

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