Friday, December 10, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Liveblogging the shorties

1. Just a minute ago, the Little Man was trying to lasso me. "Hee-ha!"

2. "Now make a belt!" he demands, handing me the string. So I tie it around his waist.

3. Now they are enthralled by The Incredibles, rather than doing interesting and amusing things.

4. Oh, here's something interesting: When the Princess eats a boiled egg (she loves them and can peel them by herself) she only eats the white. Mom just took the shell and yolk away.

5. The "cool" way to drink orange juice is apparently dipping your fingers in the cup and then sucking on them.

6. Revelation: Grilled cheese, it be hot.

7. LP: "We need straw!" Me: "No you don't." LP (going into the kitchen): "Yes we do!" LM: "I need straw too!"

Now I should get up and make sure they aren't playing with knives in the kitchen.

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