Friday, December 3, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Sugar highs, zombies, and getting carded

1. I went home for Thanksgiving, which means I've been on a sugar high for the last 8 days or so. (I came back to school on Sunday, but after 4 days of sugar-high you just have to keep feeding it to fend off the eventually-inevitable crash until after finals...) I blame any and all incoherence on the cake. And pie. And drinking 4 or 5 cans of Sierra Mist (natural! now with REAL sugar!!) in the course of a few days when I almost never drink pop normally.

(Well, I do cut my "orange juice" with pop here in the caf, because I hate the syrupy taste of fake orange juice. But somehow that seems different than straight pop.)

2. While there, I got to see the lovely and brilliant Emily. I also got to see Scott, who has posted again, though he claims that his blog is still dead. I had insane amounts of fun with both of them.

3. I bought wine on Tuesday, and got carded. It was very anticlimactic, though.

(I have no idea what I expected, but the checker just looked bored.)

4. I did get carded in a sense once when I was 19 and buying an R-rated movie (for my grandfather for Christmas; something with Mel Gibson in it). That was much more climactic, since I got all confused and couldn't figure out why she wanted to see my ID and almost forgot to pay in my flustered state.

5. I have never bought cigarettes. Or superglue.

6. My mother got carded the other week, buying beer for Dad.

7. There have been several different occasions in the last 6 or 7 years when people have sworn that my mother and I must be sisters, and we're just making up the mother-daughter thing.

Bonus quick take: My mother would probably kill me if I posted a picture of her on the internet to show you how young she looks/how much we look alike. Maybe I'll ask for her baby picture, and I can show you how we literally looked like little clone babies, except her eyes were brown and mine were blue. (Neither of us had hair until we were toddlers.)

Now I must go back to studying for my two finals tomorrow (TWO! FINALS! On a SATURDAY!), so visit Jen for more quick takes.


Calah said...

Ohhh good luck with your finals! I really miss those days (weird, I know). And really, anything you have to do to cafeteria food to make it palatable is ok, I think. Even if it involves soda at odd hours.

DavidD said...

"TWO! FINALS!" Oh, eleventy!

DavidD said...

"TWO! FINALS!" Oh, eleventy!

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

"I also got to see Scott, who has posted again, though he claims that his blog is still dead."
Well, that's the joke, isn't it?