Sunday, December 26, 2010

To my Joseph, on the feast of the Holy Family

I've known the Cobbler for almost 4 years now. (Unbelievably.) When I first met him, that long-ago February day, I was actually afraid of him. Those of you who know him probably find that incredible, and honestly so do I. I thought my level of discomfort around him odd even at the time.

Well, the other day I was pondering it, and it suddenly occurred to me why.

He saw me when I was invisible.

That probably doesn't make sense to anyone but myself, unless some of you also spent most of the first 18 years of your life making invisibility your life goal. To get an idea of the enormity of that meeting, think of that scene in The Incredibles where Violet is watching Tony talk to his friends and then turns invisible the second he looks in her direction. Now imagine that instead of shrugging and walking away, he had struck up a conversation with her as if she was still perfectly visible. As if he was a superhero too and being able to see her was his superpower.

If you can imagine all that, maybe now you can understand why I think the Cobbler is pretty much a superhero.

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