Friday, December 17, 2010

What I think about at 4 a.m. when I can't sleep

I'm the only female creature in our house who doesn't have a three-syllable name ending in A. Even the cats' names fit this pattern.

(Tammy is Tabitha Michelle, because she's a tortoiseshell tabby. [I thought I was so clever at 13, oh yes.] By rights it should be spelled "Tami," but it's not, so there. Julie was originally just named Jewel after the singer, but then that turned into Julia Rose.)

(Yes, we gave our cats people names. In hindsight I don't think giving people names to animals is such a great idea, but those are their names now.)

(The other names are Rebecca, Andrea, Teresa, and The Bunny's Real Name Which Is Very Googleable.)


Theocentrica said...

I think about how my siblings and I all have names ending in A, except for my youngest brother, because the only other man's name we could think of that ended in A was Attila. Which is a perfectly normal name in Hungary.

I don't like it when dogs have people-names, but for some reason I don't mind when cats do. If I ever get a cat, I'm naming it Schrödinger.

a far side strip said...

Unknown to most students of psychology, Pavlov's first experiment was to ring a bell and cause his dog to attack Freud's cat.

Melanie B said...

At one point I realized my siblings and I all have first names with exactly seven letters. (All but one of those is also a three syllable name.) When it comes to choosing names for my own children I've found that names shorter than three syllables sound kind of wrong.

The Sojourner said...


Dad, Mom, and Teresa all have 10 letters total in their given names. Andrea and I have 14. I think Elizabeth is my middle name partly because it has 9 letters. (The official story is that I was given it because it's my grandmother's middle name, but I was also told from a very young age that Andrea and I have the same number of letters, isn't that cool? So I'm suspicious. :))

Melanie B said...

Hmmm... Sophie and Bella both have 23 letters in their full names: Isabella Marie Bettinelli, Sophia Therese Bettinelli. Ben has 24. I hadn't counted them up till now. I agree. It's the kind of thing that I start to obsess over at 4am.