Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Last first week edition

1. I am graduating in less than 4 months. It's actually starting to sink in now and I'm kind of nervous about it.

2. After much running around like a crazy person, I managed to arrange to write a double communication arts/theology thesis. So I only have to write one 30-35 page paper instead of two 20-25 page papers. I call that a win.

3. It's really hard to think of quick takes that don't involve whining about how rough my life is. It's really not that bad but I've gotten in a habit of whining a lot this last year or so.

4. I got to go to Mass every day this week. And I've prayed two rosaries. Which is more devotional practices than I got in the entire time I was home for Christmas break (5 weeks).

5. I had pineapple yesterday. It was $3 for a plastic cup of pineapple but I used the points on my meal card so I pretended it wasn't real money. Pineapple is really good, did you know that? Especially in winter.

6. I have decided that this semester I am going to be a real grown-up and wash my dishes immediately after I use them rather than immediately before I use them. So far I've had two mugs full of yogurt and have gone and rinsed them out in the sink immediately after finishing. Yay me.

7. I miss Scott. A lot. It's way too long until spring break.

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