Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Tech Support is HARD Edition

1. My Quick Takes are later than usual this week because I had to help my mother figure out the Byzantine labyrinth of Blogger's Create a Post function. It was exhausting. I am not cut out for a job in tech support.

2. You should read my mother's post, partly because I want my hard work to be appreciated and partly because her last take is something I was going to post.

3. I got to see Mari during the March for Life, which was really nice.

4. My household did a White Elephant gift exchange on Wednesday. I got Oreos. Nomnomnom.

5. Teresa, over Skype: "Megan, can you bring me some shoclate ice cream, pwease? Or banilla?" Apparently I am magical and can send food digitally.

6. My thesis is already sucking out all my brains and I haven't even started it yet.

7. Today is the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas. I love him. A lot. I have a feeling we are going to become even better friends over the next 3 months.

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