Friday, February 4, 2011

Seven Probably Not Quick Things I Need to Do Today

So you all can stop envying my leisurely college-student life.

1. Type up the 3 1/2 pages of notes I took at a talk last night and make it into a newspaper article. It was actually a fantastic talk (by this fellow, about everything you can do with adult stem cells) and I think I got some good notes, but still. There is a disadvantage to being a retro journalist and taking all notes by hand, and that disadvantage is transcribing.

2. Finishing edits on another chapter of the Novel. I had some serious writer's block for weeks and finally just sat myself down and said, "You are not getting up until you finish this scene." It took me a couple hours and 1000 words but it worked, and in the week since then I've rewritten/edited about 2 1/2 more chapters. (Each chapter has maybe 3-6 scenes in it; most scenes are closer to 500 words than 1500.)

I realize this take is technically a leisure activity, but I file it under mental health maintenance. (I need to remember to write the post on why writing fiction is worth it to me even if I never get published.)

3. Study for a quiz next Tuesday--for my Editing class, so it'll be more time-consuming than hard. Yay real-life experience making class work easier.

4. Copy edit for real. If any of the writers have sent stuff in. If not, start emailing the ones who've missed their deadlines. Again, more time consuming than actually difficult.

5. Find more sources for my thesis. (I have 7; I need 30.) This might be hard, and definitely will be time-consuming.

6. Hunt down information on another article I want to write for same class as the article I mentioned in my first take.

7. Go to the Household Fair and man the Servants table for 2 hours. This is harder than it sounds. Given that I was inducted almost 3 years ago, you'd think I'd be better at what I call the "elevator speech" about our household, but I'm not. Maybe because I've been in so long. 3 years ago I could rattle off 3 or 4 things that made me fall in love with this household, but now if you asked me I'd just say, "...everything?" We're like an old married couple now. If you pretend that my household is a single entity that's male, despite being made up of a dozen women. Yeah, I'll just quit with that analogy while I'm ahead.

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