Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Facts about Us

Betty Beguiles is inviting people to post today giving 10 facts about them and their significant other. So I am going to procrastinate a bit on my schoolwork.

1. We met on February 8, 2007, during the Fr. Michael Scanlan Scholarship Competition, which means that we were both 17-year-old high school seniors with way too many brains for our own good. I thought he was funny but way too much of a geek. He thought I talked too much. We didn't really keep in touch but we did awkwardly say hello when we saw each other again in August.

2. Our first date was on April 7, 2008. We made a holy hour together in the Port.

A few months later I wrote a very long account of how we got from 1 to 2. Maybe one of these days I'll post it.

3. He told me "I love you" on April 8. I didn't say it back until April 12. (I know, I need to speed it up a bit, waiting to say I love you until 5 days after the first date.)

4. Neither of us had ever been in a relationship before. From the beginning we were dead serious about the fact that we were discerning marriage; if we had wanted to just hang out and have fun together we could have done that without calling it dating.

5. However, our idea of discerning marriage mostly involved reading Calvin and Hobbes. You can tell a lot about a potential life partner from their comic book preferences. :)

6. We have two "our songs": This and this.

7. During the summer of 2008 we started writing each other love letters (at his suggestion). That came in handy when we had to go long-distance starting that October.

8. We are uncannily alike in a lot of ways and agree on almost everything, from the biggies (religion, for instance) to the little things (we both love Calvin and Hobbes. :)).

9. However, we do sometimes fight, contrary to popular opinion. We're both pretty stubborn in our own way so it's been a bit of a learning process figuring out how to resolve a disagreement amicably on the rare occasions when we do disagree.

10. Next Wednesday will be the third anniversary of when we officially became a couple. I know, dating anniversaries don't mean much and blah blah blah. I'm still proud of us for how far we've come as people and as a couple these last three years.


JoAnna said...

Aw, so sweet. I sent my now-husband a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon when we were dating, wherein Hobbes talks about wanting to get a girl that he could call "sweetie-pumpkin." I still call him sweetie-pumpkin from time to time. :)

Holly @ Three Sided Wheel said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing :) I played along as well. Pop on over for a visit:

DavidD said...

I told your mother I loved her three times, on three different days, before she finally gave me a card that said something about how she she thought was starting to fall in love with me...--oh, that, and the mug, which we still have, that says "I love you" all over it; after that, she started saying it back, and even saying it first.

She said didn't say it back right away because she didn't want it to sound flippant or to sound like an automatic response--she wanted it to sound authentic.

priest's wife said...

I'm sure you have seen the Franciscan song on youtube about dating and the port and etc- if not- search for it- it is so true (but my siblings all found love there- so there!)

The Sojourner said...

Oh, yes, I've seen that. :)