Tuesday, March 29, 2011


[After Mari has told me about a dream she had in which children got killed in an air raid.]

[10:04:28 PM] Margarita Nivea: I'm going to have nightmares now.

[10:04:40 PM] Philagneia: aw.
[10:04:43 PM] Philagneia: sorry.

[10:05:17 PM] Margarita Nivea: Once I had a dream that Scott and I were wandering around in the jungle with 6 or 7 children, and somehow two of them (a boy and a girl, maybe 4 and 6 years old) got kidnapped by the Evil Overlord.

[10:05:36 PM] Philagneia: oh dear.

[10:05:45 PM] Margarita Nivea: But they threw their shoes out the window and thus set off the alarms and were able to escape out the back door.
[10:05:55 PM] Margarita Nivea: That's completely unrealistic, of course.
[10:06:04 PM] Margarita Nivea: My children would never wear shoes.

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Becky D. said...

Your dad is going to say see this is why you should always wear shoes. Now in jungle there might also be snakes, bugs, etc too.