Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: I might survive after all

1. First off: 29 days until I graduate!

2. I turned in my thesis draft Monday, despite difficulties like the lack of staplers capable of handling 33 pages at once. (I eventually found one in the library.) Then I discussed it with Advisor #1 on Thursday and he actually liked it. Unfortunately, Advisor #2 had to postpone our meeting from 10 a.m. today to an unspecified time on Monday because he hasn't read it yet. However, I am apparently first on the list for this weekend's thesis-reading marathon.

3. I can't go into too much detail on this one, but I want to brag on myself a bit, so here goes my attempt at coherency and privacy combined.

On Wednesday evening Scott brought up something that was on his mind and ended up upsetting me thoroughly right before I had to go to a household commitment. So I stomped off to my commitment and cried the whole time. Fortunately, the hour away from the conversation enabled me to sort through all my possible reactions to the situation, so when I stomped back to my room I was able to go for the most calm and rational of the various options.

And it turned out that Scott actually agreed with me. In fact, he said that I was able to express his views on a certain point better than he could have.

Communication skills, sometimes I have them.

(Seriously, you know that scene in The Emperor's New Groove where Kuzco has just saved Pacha from falling into the canyon and he does this little self-congratulatory dance? That's what I felt like.)

(In the interests of full disclosure: This is only noteworthy because my usual reaction to being upset is to cry and say nasty things and then nastily point out that I have to get up in the morning and stomp off to bed having ensured that both of us are thoroughly grumpy.)

(Obviously, I should be turned into a llama and have a journey of self-discovery so I can become a nicer person.)

4. There is a bucket of candy in my closet. Up on the highest shelf, so I can only reach it by standing on my chair, but still. A BUCKET. FULL OF CANDY. AND HOLY WEEK STARTS IN TWO DAYS.

5. Did I mention I went home this past weekend? I don't think I did, actually.

I went home this past weekend. My roommate drove me back and forth, because she is the bestest roommate ever. She added an hour and a half each way so we could pick up Scott because she is inhumanly awesome.

My roommate has become a minor celebrity with Teresa thanks to webcams, so she was absolutely thrilled to see me and Scott and Grace.

6. The reason I picked last weekend to go home was because there was a special Mass for people celebrating 25th or 50th anniversaries in 2011. So my parents got a free cake and a certificate from the bishop blessing their marriage.

During the reception after Mass, Teresa walked up to Father D., tugged on his hand, and when he looked down at her (way down; Father D. is about 6'6") she said matter-of-factly, "You baptized me when I was a baby." Then she went back to eating her brownie.

(She's right on the baptism part, but I'm not sure 3-year-olds count as babies.)

7. The fact that I visited a few days ago and will be seeing my family again in 28 days (!!) means that I'm actually not going home for Easter this year. Which means that I get to experience the Triduum at Steubenville, which is allegedly awesome. This will include my first ever Holy Thursday Mass (that I know of) and my first Easter Vigil since Dad came into the Church in 2004. (We're a noon-Mass-the-day-of kind of family, normally.) I'm pretty excited, but I should probably start stocking up on sleep now.

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Melanie B said...

Yay! You're in the home stretch now. Prayers for you a you finish up your semester. Hope you have a very blessed Holy Week.

The Sojourner said...

Thanks for the prayers, and you have a blessed Holy Week too!

(P.S. Congrats on Anthony's baptism!)