Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In which you don't actually find out that much about me

Jane tagged me in this, and of course I feel exactly the same shade of flattered as I always do when I get tagged. So without further ado...

If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be?

Well, there was this one moment at this year's Easter Vigil, after they turned the lights off but before we lit our candles...and God and I had a little conversation during the course of which I understood for a fleeting moment that I'm beautiful.

*cough* Okay, moving on.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Are we assuming that I've been granted omniscience and can actually understand the consequences of me messing with the universe? Honestly, I have a hard time even getting my head into that. Either I'd do something insignificant like not being impatient in X instance, or I'd do something big like Jane preventing the fall of the angels. Except then what do you do with O happy fault and all that? My almost-complete theology degree is not adequate for this question.

What movie/TV character do you most resemble in personality?

The first character (and upon reflection, the only character) that leapt to mind was Tifa Lockhart as she is in Advent Children. Scott thinks I'm Aerith, though.

Scott's 100% Simon Tam, but I'm way too melancholic to be Kaylee.

The mind-blowing levels of geekiness in that answer should make the Internet think twice before it asks me about TV again.

If you could push one person off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

Are we assuming this person survives? If we live in a magical world where people can fall off cliffs with impunity, I'd probably push random people off cliffs just for laughs.

Name one habit you want to change in yourself.

Writing blog posts when I should be putting away laundry. :) (Seriously, it generally takes me a couple hours from start to finish to fold a load of laundry. Folding laundry is boring.)

Describe yourself in one word.

"She's terse. I can be terse. Once in flight school I was laconic."

Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.

Intuitive. :)

Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.

I blog so I don't have to put away my laundry.

Name at least 3 people to send this meme to, and then inform them.

I love being tagged, but I'm shy about tagging people. So I'll be safe and tag my mom and Scott. Then I'll be wild and tag Melanie B.


Jane said...

THanks for being a good sport about the meme. :-)

I think Lewis discusses the lack of "o happy fall" in Perelandra, where the Eve of Venus is being tempted by the bad guy whose name I forget, and Ransom is being led in intellectual circles. The bad dude points out that without the fall of Adam and Eve, Christ would never have become a man, and that good would never have been done.

But then God points out to Ransom that although good was done as a result of the fall, the Original Good, the Greater Good, was lost.

So it would be okay to preserve the Original Good (according to my not-even-begun theology degree) at cost of the good that would have been brought from the evil of the fall. And that opinion is worth every cent you paid for it. ;-) ;-)

DavidD said...

OT, but have I ever told you how I like chapter headings that start with "In which ..."? Or chapters that are numbered Chapter the First, etc.? Cf Winnie-the-Pooh and Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (at least as I recall...).

The Sojourner said...

Jane: My theology degree only required one semester of Christology. So I have only a vague idea of the debate about whether Christ would have become incarnate without the Fall and so on and so forth. That's why I said my degree is inadequate for that question.

Dad: When I'm in the planning stages of a novel, I'll "outline" by writing old-fashioned chapter headings. "In which Female Lead discovers that Male Lead has a mad wife locked in the attic," for instance. And then once I've written that chapter I change it to something cryptic like "A Startling Discovery."

Scott, who is too lazy to log in said...

I'm not even sure if it's Greater (since you can't really get greater than the Passion even if you still got the Incarnation) or if it's simply The Good Lost.