Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm having a sundae cone for breakfast while I type this one-handed

I have loved sundae cones with a deep, passionate love since I was a very small child. I used to buy them from the ice cream truck; in my world they were the only frozen confection worth $2-3.

Then one day when I was not more than 9 or 10 years old (my mother verifies this figure) I realized that you could spend $5 at Aldi and get a box containing 6 (SIX!) sundae cones. Being a girl of very little allowance, I immediately jumped upon the opportunity. For the next long while (possibly years, but I don't remember clearly) whenever we heard the ice cream truck I would just go on reading my book or whatever I was doing, because I knew I had a stash of my favorite frozen confection waiting for me in the freezer.

My mother, reflecting upon this episode yesterday, says that was one of the things that made her realize I was a highly unusual child.


Becky D. said...

It was actually under $3 for a box of sundae cones. I paid 2.49 the other day for our box.

Melanie B said...

Mmmm.... sundae cones! Especially the kind where the inside of the cone is lined with chocolate and with the extra chocolate pooled at the bottom of the cone so you get that nice chunk of chocolate at the end.

One of the few things that stinks about being a mom is having to set an example so I can't eat ice cream for breakfast anymore. (Though I suppose its better for me.)

The Sojourner said...

Yeah, I love those chocolate ones.