Monday, May 16, 2011

Seven Quick Monday Takes: Graduation Edition

The trick was actually finding my camera's upload cable.

1. I have a couple of hilarious pictures of my roommate wearing a friend's graduation gown. My roommate, you see, is about 5'4". Our friend is 6'3". (Said friend is a woman, and hates it when random strangers walk up to her and say, "Wow, you're really tall." [I told her that she should respond to that with, "Wow, you're really stupid."])

Anyway. I am not posting a hilarious picture of my roommate looking like a small child because she hasn't consented to having her likeness plastered across the internet.

2. I think I look like an idiot in this picture, but the other one was blurry. (The yellow cord is for graduating with honors [i.e. a GPA of 3.5 or above] and the green was for graduating with Honors [i.e. having slogged through four years of the Great Books Program].) Grace had yellow cords and then some other cords for a Greek letter honors society that requires you to submit an application. I am not a fan of applying for things unless I have to, so I only had these cords.

3. I decided to wear my hair loose instead of in a braid or some such thing. I had this idea that it would look long and flowing and pretty. I forgot I was wearing a hood. I think it looks kind of dumb with the hood, but I left it that way anyway. In this picture it also looks weirdly colored. I promise my hair is not really greenish.

4. An even lower-quality picture which I took to illustrate how I had half my personal belongings (or so it seemed) hung on a lanyard around my neck. Women's dresses really should come with pockets. I should really have turned the flash off and taken another picture, but it was about 5 minutes until we were supposed to report to the J.C. and I had just taken off my cap, hood, and honors cord so I could take this picture for you, dear blog readers.

You can't really tell, but I have my student ID, my room key, and my cell phone all interconnected and dangling. (I didn't turn my ID carrier around on purpose, but now it occurs to me that it's a good thing I didn't have to edit this picture to remove my last name and student ID number.)

5. This is what we got when we walked across the stage. (Clicking on the picture should enlarge, but I make no promises.)

7. My very own $100,000 piece of paper. The large black mark over my last name is from Paint; I did not actually mark on my real diploma. :) Please notice the teeny-tiny Summa Cum Laude sticker and the also teeny-tiny Honors sticker.

7. So now I'm home. I really do have some idea of what I'm doing next, but nothing is really finalized yet and it's definitely not yet bloggable. I'll keep all three of you posted, promise.

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