Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seven Quick Saturday takes

Here I go being delinquent again.

1. Today is my parents' 25th anniversary. They are leaving around noon and staying left for about 50 hours. Which means that we are eating a lot of frozen pizza this weekend.

2. Andrea and Teresa and I actually used to have a thing going where Mom and Dad would go out for the evening and we'd drag her high chair into the living room, give her and get ourselves some pizza, and put on a kid-friendly movie.

For some reason we don't do that anymore. Maybe because she outgrew the high chair.

3. Yesterday, Mom found Teresa holding a cup of water standing in her bedroom with two large splashes of water on the floor. Teresa was trying to crawl under the bed and get the cat. As Mom hauled her down the stairs, she complained that she was trying to find Tammy because "I was trying to baptize the cat!"

I think I have been shirking my godmother duties.

On the other hand, she does know that you have to splash the cat three times to baptize her.

4. Teresa is old enough now to play with Barbies. (So Andrea and I feel vindicated in our insistence that the Barbies not get thrown away once we got too old to play with them.) Daddy has instituted a rule that "only sisters play with Barbies." (That's what Teresa tells me.) I wonder if Daddy has a rule about My Little Ponies. (Those she inherited from a friend of a friend, not us. I prefer Grand Champion model horses. Of course, I prefer them so much that I won't let Teresa play with my collection until she outgrows throwing her toys across the room when she's annoyed.)

5. Teresa has started saying "May you?" when she wants us to do something. (A logical extension of "May I?") Like, "May you please be quiet?" It's so cute it almost makes up for the fact that she's started calling people "poo-thing." (Like, "Shut up, poo-fing!") Actually, that's cute too. I need to work on not laughing when she starts calling names.

6. I am getting sick of tornado warnings. Especially because we don't have a basement, so we all have to go to the downstairs half-bath. I like my family, but I'd prefer not to like them in such close proximity.

7. Now I'm going to go play some Sims or something before I have to be in charge.

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