Friday, June 24, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I am a bit sneaky

1. I applied for some jobs this week, clerical type stuff. I was thinking of picking up some babysitting gigs while I'm waiting for something long-term, but none of the babysitting positions I found listed felt right to me--they were all 40-hour-a-week things. It's not that I'm totally against working mothers, I just can't imagine myself spending that much time taking care of someone else's kids. When I'm babysitting, I want to be that fun person who lets them run wild for a few hours, eat junk food, and watch TV (all within reason). I don't want to be the primary caregiver unless I'm actually the one who calls the shots.

(In Ministry to Moms, I was only there 3-4 hours a week, plus those were Catholic kids so shameless proselytizing was okay.)

Hey, anybody reading this live in Ohio and want somebody to babysit for a few hours a week?

2. Speaking of cash flow issues, what is it with credit card offers? I think I've gotten one every week since I got home. (Maybe I got one every week before that too and Mom just threw them away on my behalf; I don't know.) I think I'll just use those student loan payments to build my nonexistent credit score, thanks.

3. I got stood up for a boy for the first time ever this week (not by a boy, mind). I actually found it kind of funny. See, I know the lovely and brilliant Emily well enough that I know she wouldn't have broken our Skype date unless it was really important that she talk to her boy right then. So she's forgiven, and I get to put another marker in my "Becoming a REAL girl" timeline. Also, we did get to talk for three hours on Tuesday.

4. Part of our conversation (edited slightly to eliminate personal info and minor typos):
[6/21/2011 8:04:33 PM] Margarita Nivea:
[6/21/2011 8:04:38 PM] Margarita Nivea: Have you ever heard that, by the way?
[6/21/2011 8:05:10 PM] Emily: no, I haven't
[6/21/2011 8:05:13 PM] Emily: it's pretty tho
[6/21/2011 8:05:22 PM] Margarita Nivea: My thought upon looking at the like bar: "The three people who disliked this should burn in Hell."
[6/21/2011 8:05:30 PM] Margarita Nivea: Now I need to think of something charitable about them.
[6/21/2011 8:05:47 PM] Margarita Nivea: Maybe they meant to hit like and were so deeply moved that they couldn't see properly.
[6/21/2011 8:06:03 PM] Emily: Hahahahahahaha
[6/21/2011 8:06:04 PM] Emily: Yes
[6/21/2011 8:06:16 PM] Emily: The tears were welling up too thickly
[6/21/2011 8:06:19 PM] Margarita Nivea: XD
[6/21/2011 8:06:21 PM] Margarita Nivea: Exactly.

5. I'm going to visit Scott this weekend, so I told Mom to make sure to make stuff I really hate for dinner this weekend. Sadly, she's making salmon tonight (omnomnom). She's making chili mac tomorrow, though.

6. In the past week, I've asked one friend if she loves me enough to parade around in a fancy dress she'll never wear again and another friend if she loves me enough to parade around in a fancy dress AND make a toast. Apparently I'm not yet used to using the proper terminology out loud.

I'm in good company, though, since Scott misidentified himself in a comment on my last post.

7. Yes, that last take was meant to be an announcement.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

The face of the earth is slippery

Life has been crazy-busy lately and now I have a head cold, so no Quick Takes this week.

All three or four of you can hang in there until next week, right?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I mostly complain about stuff because I am entitled like that

1. My post earlier this week, Apostle to the Unfashionable, wasn't meant to be the promised post responding to various bloggers' thoughts on everything from shaving one's legs to plastic surgery. In hindsight, though, I think it did a pretty good job of encapsulating what I was trying to say--albeit in a rather crotchety way. You might not notice because of the grumpy tone, but that post was a major step in self-acceptance for me.

(Maybe it shouldn't have taken this long, but here I am 21 years old and just figuring out that God made me the way I am for a reason and I should probably stop trying to be somebody else.)

2. Teresa was just loudly declaring that she wanted pumpkin pie and nothing else for breakfast. However, she has now decided that jelly toast is an acceptable substitute.

3. My mom frequently remarks on the fact that I can't see dirt. I'll be sitting in my favorite chair, reading away, while the dust bunnies become sentient in the corners. Well, I figured out last night that it's a survival mechanism. Mom asked me to vacuum upstairs, so I did. It took forty-five minutes, but I got all sorts of praise on how beautiful the carpet looks now. Once I flip the "seeing dirt" switch in my brain from off to on, I can't flip it back off until all the dirt is gone. I don't like feeling like I HAVE to clean or the world will end (yay OCD), so I leave that switch off as much as humanly possible.

4. I am going to see Scott this weekend. We're just not sure yet how we're going to get him up north. (I will not go into the bazillion factors that complicate what should be an easy little trip up the highway.)

Have I mentioned that I am so sick of long distance?

5. I'm also having a graduation party this weekend. My mom's brothers (and the elder's family) will be coming from Michigan. My godmother is coming from Georgia (and her husband from Florida; they're in the middle of a very crazy inter-state move). Emily's mom might be coming over for a little while. Nobody else has said they're coming, but I'd be perfectly happy with *counts on fingers* 14 people. Am introverted, remember?

6. I'm part of a little online writing group. We are moving from a forum to a private blog. Everyone in the group has a Blogger account, so we were going to get a Blogger blog, but then Mari was trying to get an "about me" tab for every member of the group to run along the top of the blog, and Blogger only allows 10 tabs. There are about 12 of us in the group, of course. So Mari decided that we're going to go with Wordpress after all.

After spending several minutes last night making an account and changing my display name, I have decided that WORDPRESS IS EVIL.

I don't like change, have I mentioned that?

7. My parents have this little thing sitting on their nightstand they use to test the humidity to make sure the humidifier is working in the winter. This morning I was flopped on Mom's bed complaining about having to do chores and noticed that it said humidity in our house was 53%. Mom said that yeah, that's high, but we'd have to buy a dehumidifier to remedy the situation. As I was holding it, it went up to 55%. I told Mom this; she said my breath was probably making it more humid in the immediate vicinity of the humidity tester.

So I spent the next several minutes blowing on the humidity tester and giggling uncontrollably whenever it went higher. I got it to go up to 70%. I found this vastly amusing, because obviously I am actually 5 years old, not 21.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apostle to the Unfashionable

Every now and then, I will come across somebody in a comment box making offhand reference to the fact that we Christian woman need to be dressed up (wear makeup, be fashionable, etc) in order to evangelize the world.

I don't like these comments for a lot of reasons (and I'm not meaning to single out any one commenter here; I can't remember any one commenter).

1. The Apostles were hardly the type to make the cover of GQ, and look what they did.

God is God. He can use ugly, stupid people to spread the Gospel in extraordinary ways. He can also use pretty, intelligent people, of course, being omnipotent and all, but he's not limited to them.

2. It's yet another one of those tiny little not-thought-out remarks that gives the impression there is no place for unhappy people in the Church, no place for people who can't be filled with the joy of Jesus and look it every second of their lives. That's just not true. Or if it is true I have to leave the Catholic Church. Which leads me to my third point.

3. Attempting to wear fashionable clothes (assuming I could even figure out how to do so) would be putting on a false front for me. I really DO. NOT. CARE. For somebody like Hallie Lord, wearing 50s dresses and pearls and heels apparently makes her happy. I'm happy she's happy; it's nice to have something like that making you happy. That particular hobby just doesn't do it for me.

Also, eventually you're going to have to, you know, talk to me, and then you're going to get disillusioned real quick as far as my put-togetherness.

[end of Point 3]

Speaking of Hallie Lord, I actually brought her up to say something nice about her, which is that I think she gets it right in this post. Catholic women who are "into" fashion can have a powerful evangelization effect on those in the secular world who are likewise into fashion.

Is everybody in the secular world into fashion, though? Is that the only possible common ground we could have with somebody who doesn't believe what we believe?

Maybe somewhere out there is a non-Catholic girl who is just as intimidated as I am by all these ladies who somehow instinctively know what's fashionable and what isn't. Maybe someday this person will see me (or more likely read my blog; I don't leave the house that often) and think, "Hey, there's a place in the Church for chronically depressed recovering cynics whose idea of dressing up is putting on faux-leather flats instead of ratty sandals." Maybe.

Or maybe I'm just too cheap to buy makeup. You decide.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven Quick Takes on a Friday. HOW NOVEL.

1. We all survived last weekend. The house didn't even get that trashed (though my mom might beg to differ on that point).

2. Scott and I were trying to figure out whether I can come visit him this weekend. Right now it's looking like no. (Given that it's Friday, we're just about past the point of no return in terms of when the shortness of the visit means it ceases to be worth it to put another 150 miles on my old and decrepit car. Not to mention gas was $4 a gallon this week. That's not the reason we can't visit, it's the reason I can't justify squeezing in a few hours of visiting rather than investing in a few days.)

We are both SO sick of this long distance thing.

3. Update on the novels: I'm still somewhere in the midst of the 23rd chapter (of 37) of In This World in terms of revising. Things should go a bit faster here because I'm just plain cutting the Backstory Dump Via Flashbacks, but it's still very complicated to keep track of all the different threads I have going.

On a slightly more optimistic note, I finally broke 20,000 words on A Time to Heal. (20,087, to be precise.) I'm not terribly satisfied with some of it, but it's a lot better than any of my previous drafts and I'm really trying to stick to my Just Get It Done motto. (I learned that from NaNoWriMo...the first draft is supposed to be awful; just keep typing no matter what.)

4. This post at Light and Momentary is quite possibly the best thing I've ever read on the entire internet.

5. I want to write a lot of substantial posts. For instance, I want to write about some thoughts on beauty inspired by these posts. I want to write about Asperger's and Catholicism, Asperger's and relationships, Asperger's and just plain attempting to live as an adult human being. I think there was a third thing I wanted to write about, but I forget now.

Of course, probably none of these posts will ever get written, because it turns out I don't actually like being that vulnerable on the internet.

6. Teresa has been AWFUL behavior-wise this week. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing we can do with this kid except remind ourselves that God made her a stubborn little spitfire so she'd be strong enough to live through what she had to live through before she came to us.

7. Oh, I remember. I wanted to write a blog post titled "Words Mean Things," in which I uncharitably explain why you are a hopeless moron because you make basic word choice errors. Being a copy editor has ruined me for civilized society. (Not that the Asperger's and social anxiety helped...) While I'm on my high horse I might also write about The Worst Shoe-Shopping Experience of All Time. I am cheating and putting these in their own take rather than editing #5 because they're not profound and vulnerable topics. So there. I have seven.

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