Friday, June 24, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I am a bit sneaky

1. I applied for some jobs this week, clerical type stuff. I was thinking of picking up some babysitting gigs while I'm waiting for something long-term, but none of the babysitting positions I found listed felt right to me--they were all 40-hour-a-week things. It's not that I'm totally against working mothers, I just can't imagine myself spending that much time taking care of someone else's kids. When I'm babysitting, I want to be that fun person who lets them run wild for a few hours, eat junk food, and watch TV (all within reason). I don't want to be the primary caregiver unless I'm actually the one who calls the shots.

(In Ministry to Moms, I was only there 3-4 hours a week, plus those were Catholic kids so shameless proselytizing was okay.)

Hey, anybody reading this live in Ohio and want somebody to babysit for a few hours a week?

2. Speaking of cash flow issues, what is it with credit card offers? I think I've gotten one every week since I got home. (Maybe I got one every week before that too and Mom just threw them away on my behalf; I don't know.) I think I'll just use those student loan payments to build my nonexistent credit score, thanks.

3. I got stood up for a boy for the first time ever this week (not by a boy, mind). I actually found it kind of funny. See, I know the lovely and brilliant Emily well enough that I know she wouldn't have broken our Skype date unless it was really important that she talk to her boy right then. So she's forgiven, and I get to put another marker in my "Becoming a REAL girl" timeline. Also, we did get to talk for three hours on Tuesday.

4. Part of our conversation (edited slightly to eliminate personal info and minor typos):
[6/21/2011 8:04:33 PM] Margarita Nivea:
[6/21/2011 8:04:38 PM] Margarita Nivea: Have you ever heard that, by the way?
[6/21/2011 8:05:10 PM] Emily: no, I haven't
[6/21/2011 8:05:13 PM] Emily: it's pretty tho
[6/21/2011 8:05:22 PM] Margarita Nivea: My thought upon looking at the like bar: "The three people who disliked this should burn in Hell."
[6/21/2011 8:05:30 PM] Margarita Nivea: Now I need to think of something charitable about them.
[6/21/2011 8:05:47 PM] Margarita Nivea: Maybe they meant to hit like and were so deeply moved that they couldn't see properly.
[6/21/2011 8:06:03 PM] Emily: Hahahahahahaha
[6/21/2011 8:06:04 PM] Emily: Yes
[6/21/2011 8:06:16 PM] Emily: The tears were welling up too thickly
[6/21/2011 8:06:19 PM] Margarita Nivea: XD
[6/21/2011 8:06:21 PM] Margarita Nivea: Exactly.

5. I'm going to visit Scott this weekend, so I told Mom to make sure to make stuff I really hate for dinner this weekend. Sadly, she's making salmon tonight (omnomnom). She's making chili mac tomorrow, though.

6. In the past week, I've asked one friend if she loves me enough to parade around in a fancy dress she'll never wear again and another friend if she loves me enough to parade around in a fancy dress AND make a toast. Apparently I'm not yet used to using the proper terminology out loud.

I'm in good company, though, since Scott misidentified himself in a comment on my last post.

7. Yes, that last take was meant to be an announcement.

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Salome Ellen said...

Best wishes! Is there a date yet?

Anne Bazin said...


Jeanne G. said...

Best Wishes!!!

The Sojourner said...

Thanks, everybody. Details to follow.

Melanie B said...

I love your sneakyness!!!! When I got engaged I asked my sister if she could block out some time to help me host a party. That was evidently too sneaky an announcement because she thought I was talking about an engagement party. I didn't think about the fancy dress line. That would have been good. (I didn't make her do a toast. For that matter I let her pick her own dress and she has worn it again.)

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so very happy for you guys. Can't wait for the details.

The Sojourner said...

Melanie, I thought of you while I was writing this post. *g*

The first friend said offhandedly, "Oh, I'll wear it again." She is apparently very confident about my choices. Or she anticipated that I was going to appoint her Official Fashion Consultant.

I reassured the second friend that she didn't actually have to make a toast if she didn't want to, but she said she did. Then we started talking about Greek and Roman orators and got a little sidetracked.

Melanie B said...

"Then we started talking about Greek and Roman orators and got a little sidetracked. "

Hahahahahaha! Sophie asks, "What's so funny mom?" I'm not sure I can translate to 3 year-old.