Friday, June 10, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I mostly complain about stuff because I am entitled like that

1. My post earlier this week, Apostle to the Unfashionable, wasn't meant to be the promised post responding to various bloggers' thoughts on everything from shaving one's legs to plastic surgery. In hindsight, though, I think it did a pretty good job of encapsulating what I was trying to say--albeit in a rather crotchety way. You might not notice because of the grumpy tone, but that post was a major step in self-acceptance for me.

(Maybe it shouldn't have taken this long, but here I am 21 years old and just figuring out that God made me the way I am for a reason and I should probably stop trying to be somebody else.)

2. Teresa was just loudly declaring that she wanted pumpkin pie and nothing else for breakfast. However, she has now decided that jelly toast is an acceptable substitute.

3. My mom frequently remarks on the fact that I can't see dirt. I'll be sitting in my favorite chair, reading away, while the dust bunnies become sentient in the corners. Well, I figured out last night that it's a survival mechanism. Mom asked me to vacuum upstairs, so I did. It took forty-five minutes, but I got all sorts of praise on how beautiful the carpet looks now. Once I flip the "seeing dirt" switch in my brain from off to on, I can't flip it back off until all the dirt is gone. I don't like feeling like I HAVE to clean or the world will end (yay OCD), so I leave that switch off as much as humanly possible.

4. I am going to see Scott this weekend. We're just not sure yet how we're going to get him up north. (I will not go into the bazillion factors that complicate what should be an easy little trip up the highway.)

Have I mentioned that I am so sick of long distance?

5. I'm also having a graduation party this weekend. My mom's brothers (and the elder's family) will be coming from Michigan. My godmother is coming from Georgia (and her husband from Florida; they're in the middle of a very crazy inter-state move). Emily's mom might be coming over for a little while. Nobody else has said they're coming, but I'd be perfectly happy with *counts on fingers* 14 people. Am introverted, remember?

6. I'm part of a little online writing group. We are moving from a forum to a private blog. Everyone in the group has a Blogger account, so we were going to get a Blogger blog, but then Mari was trying to get an "about me" tab for every member of the group to run along the top of the blog, and Blogger only allows 10 tabs. There are about 12 of us in the group, of course. So Mari decided that we're going to go with Wordpress after all.

After spending several minutes last night making an account and changing my display name, I have decided that WORDPRESS IS EVIL.

I don't like change, have I mentioned that?

7. My parents have this little thing sitting on their nightstand they use to test the humidity to make sure the humidifier is working in the winter. This morning I was flopped on Mom's bed complaining about having to do chores and noticed that it said humidity in our house was 53%. Mom said that yeah, that's high, but we'd have to buy a dehumidifier to remedy the situation. As I was holding it, it went up to 55%. I told Mom this; she said my breath was probably making it more humid in the immediate vicinity of the humidity tester.

So I spent the next several minutes blowing on the humidity tester and giggling uncontrollably whenever it went higher. I got it to go up to 70%. I found this vastly amusing, because obviously I am actually 5 years old, not 21.

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Just exactly how many fingers do you have, anyway?