Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven Quick Takes on a Friday. HOW NOVEL.

1. We all survived last weekend. The house didn't even get that trashed (though my mom might beg to differ on that point).

2. Scott and I were trying to figure out whether I can come visit him this weekend. Right now it's looking like no. (Given that it's Friday, we're just about past the point of no return in terms of when the shortness of the visit means it ceases to be worth it to put another 150 miles on my old and decrepit car. Not to mention gas was $4 a gallon this week. That's not the reason we can't visit, it's the reason I can't justify squeezing in a few hours of visiting rather than investing in a few days.)

We are both SO sick of this long distance thing.

3. Update on the novels: I'm still somewhere in the midst of the 23rd chapter (of 37) of In This World in terms of revising. Things should go a bit faster here because I'm just plain cutting the Backstory Dump Via Flashbacks, but it's still very complicated to keep track of all the different threads I have going.

On a slightly more optimistic note, I finally broke 20,000 words on A Time to Heal. (20,087, to be precise.) I'm not terribly satisfied with some of it, but it's a lot better than any of my previous drafts and I'm really trying to stick to my Just Get It Done motto. (I learned that from NaNoWriMo...the first draft is supposed to be awful; just keep typing no matter what.)

4. This post at Light and Momentary is quite possibly the best thing I've ever read on the entire internet.

5. I want to write a lot of substantial posts. For instance, I want to write about some thoughts on beauty inspired by these posts. I want to write about Asperger's and Catholicism, Asperger's and relationships, Asperger's and just plain attempting to live as an adult human being. I think there was a third thing I wanted to write about, but I forget now.

Of course, probably none of these posts will ever get written, because it turns out I don't actually like being that vulnerable on the internet.

6. Teresa has been AWFUL behavior-wise this week. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing we can do with this kid except remind ourselves that God made her a stubborn little spitfire so she'd be strong enough to live through what she had to live through before she came to us.

7. Oh, I remember. I wanted to write a blog post titled "Words Mean Things," in which I uncharitably explain why you are a hopeless moron because you make basic word choice errors. Being a copy editor has ruined me for civilized society. (Not that the Asperger's and social anxiety helped...) While I'm on my high horse I might also write about The Worst Shoe-Shopping Experience of All Time. I am cheating and putting these in their own take rather than editing #5 because they're not profound and vulnerable topics. So there. I have seven.

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Melanie B said...

I really, really, really would like to see the Asperger's and Catholicism post. Pretty please.

The Sojourner said...

Oh dear...that's the one that's the most nebulous and rambly in my brain. But thanks for the feedback. :)