Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I am insanely busy

1. My most recent ex-roommate (who also happens to be one of my future bridesmaids) had a job interview somewhat close to my house yesterday, so after dinner she came up and we ended up sitting on the porch chatting until I was stupid with tiredness and decided we needed to go to sleep.

Then this morning we made pancakes. Or rather Grace made pancakes and I kept up a running monologue to entertain her. (In my defense, I did help some. I was just stupid-tired still.)

We've been doing a pretty good job keeping up with each other via Skype, but it was still really nice to see her again.

2. As I might have mentioned before, I am trying to make Teresa a skirt this summer, using our much-neglected sewing machine and leftover fabric from abandoned middle-school home ec projects.

Today, I actually figured out how to use the sewing machine. User manuals are AWESOME.

There should be a more detailed picture post later, but I make no promises.

3. Speaking of posts that I might or might not write someday...Planning a wedding in five months while one's fiance is working full-time and at night class two nights a week is kind of stressful. (On top of that, other things make it stressful that I can't really discuss.) Then again, I read somewhere the other day that planning a wedding is stressful no matter what and you might as well just have a short engagement and get it over with. So onward I go. When things settle down a bit in that arena I really do want to update.

4. Despite the fact that I don't need anything else potentially stressful in my life, I do kind of need a job. Prayers for something to work out would be appreciated.

(Babysitting last week did go well, but it's not going to be a regular thing.)

5. Scott and I have also been "marriage planning." Which is to say we've been talking leases and insurance and all sorts of grown-up things. I'd much rather be marriage planning by reading about the five love languages or something, but we did that years ago. (I still want to brush up on those sorts of things. Maybe we'll pass each other notes during Pre-Cana next month.)

6. I'm part of an online writing group and we recently moved from a forum to a password-protected Wordpress blog. I have negotiated an uneasy truce with Wordpress (I'm a Blogger girl all the way) and have been posting there once a week. It's working really well for us so far and seems much more conducive to communication than the forum (we do still have the forums up and sometimes people post things there too). However, I think it might be the reason I've gone back to only posting once a week here rather than twice. Tuesday is Scribblers posting day; Friday is Clearing the Sill posting day. (Except this week I posted on the Scribblers on Wednesday, so who knows where that pattern will go.)

7. Yesterday Mom pulled a bunch of random stuff out of the pantry and declared we had to start using it up. So yesterday we made Date Almond Oatmeal Cookies. Except we looked up dates on Wikipedia and now we're thinking the weird raisiny things might actually be currants. Or something. We haven't died yet, so they must not be poison. (The cookies were actually really good.)

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen, who definitely is more busy than I am but probably has more interesting posts.


Martia said...

Hi. I'm not commenting on these particular "Quick Takes" because I'm obnoxious like that. I'm Melanie B's little sister, Theresa.
I am very lazy (and busy with bad health) or I would have wandered by an Age or two ago.
But I'm saying hi now. Hi!!!!!. (insert over enthusiastic waving).
You are supremely awesome. I'm glad my sister found you and pointed you out to me.
Congratulations on your engagement and graduation! Yays.

Tree said...

Also, I have absolutely no Idea why it says my name is Martia. It isn't. I promise.

The Sojourner said...

Hi! :)

Emily G. said...

Hey! Blogger keeps not letting me comment, or else my kids do. It's working today.

First, congratulations! I'm so excited for you that you are *finally* going to get to live close by (WITH!) the love of your life.

We were engaged for 8 months. I have a friend who got married last year who was engaged for 4. We both got totally stressed out with our weddings. I think weddings are just like that. I had only 65 peeps at mine and it still drove me crazy. And after all that work and stress, there are still things I'd change looking back. It wasn't perfect. But you know, that's okay. As long as everyone looks okay and everyone gets nice food, folks will remember your wedding with delight. We still have people tell us how great the food was at ours.

Good luck! I hope the planning doesn't kill you. :)

The Sojourner said...

Thanks! :)

Oh, the food. I can barely decide what to order for myself at restaurants, much less coordinate a delicious meal for what might come to several dozen people. That is definitely one of the major headaches.

But! I am plugging away slowly at my to-do list, and reminding myself that at the end of the day what matters is being married. Hopefully I can keep that perspective firmly in my mind for another 4 months.