Friday, July 1, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Wedding details and other random things

1. This is lovely. Many thanks to Conversion Diary Jen for linking to it.

2. Wedding FAQ #1: What's the ring look like?

Like this:

Except I think in that picture the stones look kind of greenish. In real life they range from medium indigo to midnight blue depending on the light. I'm rather fond of my shiny. ("I shall call it Shiny, and it shall be mine, and it shall be my Shiny...")

3. I was applying for jobs yesterday and cracked up when I came to this part of one application:

I know, they have to standardize these things somehow, but it still cracked me up.

4. Wedding FAQ #2: How did it happen?

Short version: We went to our favorite park, walked around a while, sat down on a bench and gazed at the creek. He gave a sweet little speech and pulled out the ring. It was very private and personal and perfect for us. (With amazing alliteration...) The long version I might post later.

5. Wedding FAQ #3: Do you have a date?


Oh, you wanted to actually know the date? Well, I'll update the ticker at the bottom of my blog in a little while. (Hint: The anticipated wedding date is right around my birthday.)

Note that this is "Unless the Gauls invade," to quote the ancients. We're not worried about literal Gauls, but there are some metaphorical Gauls against which we are fortifying our northern border, so...prayers would be appreciated.

Edited to Add: Okay, I decided I liked the little turkeys too much to delete that ticker, so I just added a second ticker.

6. My mom and I have been trying to scope out reception venues this week. We've discovered that one of the very, very, very few disadvantages to living in a small town is the lack of venue options. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I'm willing to compromise on and how to make less-than-ideal elements work for us.

7. This is one of the inspirations for my potential dress. By which I mean I'd want to change just about every detail just a little bit. But that's the LOOK, you know?

I feel so girly. It's weird. I'll stop now.

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Salome Ellen said...

I HAVE that pattern! If you are making the dress, or having it made, and are going to go with the trailing sleeves, use VERY VERY light fabric. Otherwise it feels like there are chains dragging down your arms. Guess how I know???

The Sojourner said...

I'm good enough with a sewing machine that I can use it without injuring myself. My helpless fabric victims are generally not so lucky. I have a friend, though, who has offered to ruthlessly modify this pattern to suit my bridely caprice. We were planning on making the sleeves a little less...well, a little LESS. I'm wavering between sheer fabric and regular satin for them; there's another mark in the "sheer fabric" column.

Melanie B said...

Ring: pretty, pretty.

Bad luck to all the Gauls.

I was all about less than ideal situations with our wedding. You know what, no one remembers what they were any longer. I wasn't in love with our reception venue. But it did the job. What mattered, really, was the sacrament and the people who shared the day with us.

If your wedding date is in the warmer months definitely go for sheer. Even sheer sleeves were a bit much for me. Though I loved the look. Oh wait the ticker says... November? I can't do math right now, not even anything that simple. Still, heaters can be almost as bad making rooms all stuffy.

The Sojourner said...

Thanks, Melanie. :)

Yes, the ticker ends up in November, but the point of reserving a hall is to be indoors. :) I do hate it when people don't understand how to use climate control...I should not be sweating wearing a long-sleeved shirt indoors in winter (though I don't mind having to take my coat off); I should not be shivering wearing a short-sleeved shirt indoors in summer.